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I'm a REIKI MASTER/TEACHER, previous owner of Monticello Healing Center, Monticello, IA.

REIKI is a Japanese art of DIVINELY guided ENERGY therapy for RELAXATION, stress RELIEVER, healing

certain ailments, CHAKRA balancing and AURA cleansing.  As a REIKI Master for NEW YORK Association of

Research and Enlightenment for the Work of Edgar Cayce (America's Greatest Spiritual Healer) from 2004-2009,  


REIKI could STRENGTHEN your immune system, ENHANCE your creativity/productivity,

ASSIST in the further development of your intuition and perception, and BOOST your energy.


The REIKI energy replaces the negative energy with a more POSITIVE flow for more wisdom,

relaxation/calmness, open communication, love/emotions, will power, hormonal balance and resolve

health/prosperity issues.  Each REIKI session could include SCANNING of your eletromagnetic energy

field for health diagnosis and further TREAT/ALIGN those CHAKRAS that require balancing and removal of

negative energy causing blockages and preventing the natural flow of divine energy to heal those

areas and ACHIEVE general HEALTH and WELLBEING.


Matthew 5:48, "Therefore you shall be perfect, just as your Father in heaven is perfect."







CR REIKI CENTER is a healing facility to promote great health and wellness through the healing modality of REIKI, a Japanese Usui technique, as DIVINELY guided energy.  During the Reiki energy session, the client is fully-clothed as the energy is transmitted to his/her auric magnetic field, and that the healer's hands are 3-6 inches away from the body. 


Sessions or classes are scheduled per appointment basis only.  Reiki class levels I, II, Advance Master/Teachership)FEE: $70/hr session; $120 per 4 hr. Reiki I class includes instruction manual, sample Reiki, attunements and certification)

FOR LIMITED TIME only, FREE 30 minute Chakra Meditation Class ($25 value) when you register for a Reiki class.  This Meditation technique is great to increase your seratonin and endorphin levels for relaxation, vibrancy and restful sleep.  SATURDAYS 1:00-5:00pm (4 hours)

 The CR REIKI CENTER also facilitates classes on yoga, meditation and other healing modalities. SOUR SOP (Researched to be 10,000 times stronger than chemotherapy without any bad side effects!

Please inquire about the Sour Sop herbal teas we carry!)


REIKI MASTER TEACHER: Jinggy B. Cigrand, BSManEngineering/Consultant, MBA New York

CR Reiki Center, President/Owner          



Twitter: jinggy29

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